Lola's Victory Garden

Friday, May 1, 2009


To anyone visiting on Wednesday, my 3 blogs, Lola's Victory Garden, Lola's Diner, Fire Crotch Rocket and my fellow blogger meet-up pallies: Patricia @ Subjective Soup, Lin @ Duck And Wheel With String, and Lynne @ A Malaysian Abroad you were all treated to a blogger experiment of sorts. As I mentioned in Fire Crotch Rocket - Chicago Area Blogger Meet-up - A Fly On The Wall, we talked quite a bit about blogging. Keywords came up and we all decided that we would do a blog post on Wednesday with the same subject and then compare results at a later date.

I decided to do a post on all 3 blogs. I had to get pretty creative to write one for Lola's Victory Garden. It wasn't easy. Anyway, we're back to our regularly scheduled programming at Lola's Victory Garden now. No more Tom least not for awhile.

Lola's Victory Garden

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Megryansmom said...

and unfortunately I was knocking on death's door :(