Lola's Victory Garden

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Weekend Garden


Nothing much going on with our garden. Anastasia was trying to convince me to plant our tomatoes this weekend, but I don't think they are ready yet. More importantly, I think it's too soon, considering our goofy Illinois weather.

I'll post up a photo of our seedlings tomorrow, if I can get enough light to get a shot.

No photo of our grape bushes yet because it's the ground is too soggy from the rain. Hopefully the weather will dry up soon.

Lola's Victory Garden


john said...

we will be waiting...

Patricia Rockwell said...

Hey, Lola,
I told my brother about your garden and your garden blog (he's a gardener and a very newbie blogger). Maybe you could chat tomatoes and basil with him (he's into growing herbs) at

Me, I wouldn't know a weed from a petunia.

Anonymous said...

I have posted about the Mint in my garden.
I do have some Chives grown now will post about them soon.Love growing those herbs. Auntie E