Lola's Victory Garden

Monday, May 18, 2009

Can We Get A Break On The Rain?

Our property was very soggy from the rains we've had the past few days, but I did manage to get 1 shot of one of our 2 Catawba Grape plants. This particular corner of our side yard is like a swamp. I bought several bags of topsoil for Anastasia to build up the low lying area, but it still needs more soil.

Anastasia has great ambitions for me when these 2 plants start bearing fruit. She wants me to make jam and she wants to learn how to make wine, which probably means that I will learn how to make wine, but that's ok with me. I've already made several varieties of jam and I'm jonesing to try out my Steam Juicer that I got for Christmas. Chances are next year will be the year that we actually get some fruit.

Lola's Victory Garden


I am Harriet said...

Before you know it.....vino!

Da Old Man said...

My sister makes her own grape juice from her tiny grape arbor. It is really tasty.

Anonymous said...

I an thinking of planting Berries, just need to create that bird barrier. Granny had Grape vines,I love them. Wish I had dug some up before the developers cleared the land.

Jen said...

My dad tried making wine years ago. He bought the grapes and then put them all in a huge vat in the basement and had my brother and me stomp on them ala Lucy. The wine was made, bottled and forgotten until my brother and I were teens and willing to try anything to get a buzz. It was horrible, of course aged ten years and stored in really bad conditions not to mention stomped on by children who probably didn't bathe all that well. Well, it was no surprise is sucked. I hope yours is better.