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Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Weekend Garden

Sorry this is late, but yesterday got hectic. I just now ran out between the raindrops and shot this. (You can see the raindrops on the leaves.)

These are "Broken Arse Day Lillies". You may not be familiar with this particular variety, so let me clue you in. Last year I responded to a a local ad for free day lillies. The only catch was that we had to remove them. Because of my back, Anastasia was very gallant and grabbed the shovel and insisted on digging out the first bunch (even though I don't think she had any experience digging up and dividing overgown day lillies). She put her foot on the shovel, promptly slid it off, turned her other ankle and when down hard on her arse. I don't think the both of us ever laughed so hard in our lives. The older gentleman whose house it was, helped her up and then he dug up a boxful for us. Anastasia limped to the car and we went straight home. Anastasia kept complaining about the ankle pain and how much it hurt when she sat. I kept insisting she go to the ER or urgent care. She refused. I threatened to call her sister and have her come over and she finally relented. We went to urgent care. Broken coccyx and fractured ankle. They gave her a boot for the ankle and told her to get a donut. She ended up losing a week of work because of the vicodin and the only comfortable position was lying down.

We don't know what color these will be, but I am happy to see they are nice and green and healthy.

The moral of the "Broken Arse Day Lillies" is, make sure you wear non-slip shoes, make sure they are dry and make sure you have good footing.

Lola's Victory Garden


Lin said...

Oh, gees, that's funny! Oops, Sorry I'm laughing at your expense! You are going to remember that every single time you look at those plants!! :)

Jo said...

I am lmao, not that she got hurt but because that would be me if I didn't make my hubby do it for me! I can't wait to see what color they are! In addition to my yellow ones, I have some redish orange ones that we planted last year and are just now coming up with no buds yet! This Illinois weather is confusing the heck out of my plants!! LOL!