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Monday, April 6, 2009

Garden Shot - This Is Spring?

This is depressing. In the Chicagoland area we got snow on Sunday. Isn't it supposed to be Spring? This is what my garden looks like today. We hadn't had a chance to clear out the debris from last year's garden yet. We were going to do that on Sunday. Change of plans!

Lola's Victory Garden


Jodi said...

It snowed here too, this is awful.

Anonymous said...

It IS supposed to be spring, but apparently like Illinois - Portland didn't get the memo either. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Neither did Massachusetts - get the memo, that is. I did manage to get last year's garden debris cleared out last weekend, but this weekend was a total washout - rain, sleet and ick!

Margo said...

Boo snow! Go away now, please?!?

john said...

we got rain out here in new england. But I hear you about spring. I want to get into the garden and start planting.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

ewww! Every time I hope the snow is over with, it seems to come back this year. It's in the 60's today, so I suppose by the weekend it will be back around freezing.

Something tells me my seedlings are going to bite the dust again this year.

Lin said...

I usually have the patio furniture out by now. Ugh. Double ugh. When will it stop?!!?

Kim said...

When you look at that picture from a distance, it looks like some kind of ice monster/goddess or something coming out of the ground.

Auntie E said...

Live in the east coast no snow for us.I love snow but, it is time for spring:-)

Lola said...

@ Jodi & Internet Fruit - Someone needs to resend that memo because I hear we are due to have a repeat this weekend.

@ chameleonsdream - Lucky you. We had rain on Saturday and then the snow on Sunday, so there was no opportunity to get anything done outside.

@ Margo - Yeah, what you said!

@ John - I want to at least get out there, clean it up and rearrange the cinder blocks to expand it. Then I can leave it set for awhile until the weather is appropriate for planting. I want to be all ready to go for that day. Lol!

@ Storm - It's just been cold ever since the weekend. I was so getting used to wearing my denim jacket. No more. Not for awhile anyway.

@ Lin - The kids have been wanting me to grill outside. Umm, no freakin way! Not until the weather is warm enough to sit on the patio with a brewski while the food cooks. I'm not doing the dash in/dash out because it's rainy/snowy/too freakin cold.

@ Kim - Looks like 2 battling monsters. Lol!

@ Auntie E - Time for spring! Time for spring!

Laane said...

Amazing how unpredictable the weather is.
Today it was summer here. The day for yesterday we had a freezing night.

Thank you for dropping on my site today.

I want to wish you a happy easter.

Emily said...

I had a post on my blog about the same problem during my kids' Spring Break. Luckily it cleared up in time for them to dig their gardens before school started.