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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Garden Procrastination

Yes, there will be a Lola's Victory Garden this year. I'm just getting a late start, as usual. Last week I purchased my plants. Mostly Beefsteak Tomatoes, a few Roma Tomatoes (they only had a few left), basil, green bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, yellow banana pepper, and I think Kohlrabi.

Last week I also purchased a few 1/4 pieces of plywood for part of the base of my raised garden beds.

Monday we set about to assemble the raised beds and purchased 6 additional bags of soil to add to the 3 bags left from last year. I utilized the landscape timbers I purchased last year, along with the recently purchased plywood, and cinder blocks which I got from a few years ago. I also will be utilizing a large planter box which I literally picked up the night before trash pick up one night. I will be recycling Styrofoam blocks from packaging I've saved up to raise up the bottom of the planter box, so as not to use an excessive amount of soil. My raised beds don't look pretty, but they accomplish what I need. That is, that they are raised beds and will allow me to tend to my garden more easily due to my back issues.

Rain is expected on Tuesday, so actual planting will not commence until the weather clears.

I will have photos of the garden beds as soon as I am able to take some.

How's your garden growing?

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Garden Gnome said...

Hi Lola :) If it is any consolation I didn't start putting in my garden until after we returned home from vacation May 27. It's a bit late going in and I'm still working on it. The local farmers are still planting peppers and tomatoes so things on in line for planting here.

I'm looking forward to seeing how your garden grows!