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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Weekend Garden 06/20/09

Look at me! I got a jump on things and took this photo on Friday. Anastasia and our son have been working hard getting the plants in. Wednesday they put the stakes and the fencing in. (This was the fencing we bought on our big shopping trip.) They also put hay to keep the weeds at bay. I had a bit of difficulty finding hay. None of the big box stores had it, but I was able to find it at a local garden center for $6.99 for a large bale.

We are not quite done planting our finds from last week. If the rain stays away this weekend we may be able to finish. All that's left are the peppers: Bell Peppers, Habanero (our son insisted), jalapeno (I use them in canning and in my chili) and yellow banana peppers (hoping to can these because our son and I can't get enough of them).

I also started some seeds this past weekend and they have already begun to sprout. I used my newspaper pot method and mixed seed starting mix with vermiculite.

Lola's Victory Garden


Lin said...

With the heat coming this week, I'll bet your plants start to take off!

john said...

you go girl.....hay..hmmmmmm is that how to keep the weeds away. I have to go weed my garden today. I hate that.

littlepurpleroom said...

YAY ! Looks great. That fence will really keep the critters out. We have tons of rabbits out here.
Good luck and let me know if you would like to do a seed swap this fall for next years garden.

Michelle said...

Your garden looks awesome. I need some of that fence around mine. I can't keep the bunnies from eating my beans. I was working on my garden all day today. Looks like all my vegetables are off to a good start. Great idea to use hay. I've never used that. I might have to give that a try. Thanks for stopping by today.

alwayswinner786 said...

Nice meeting you.
Your garden look so beautiful.
I will be waiting for your Bell peppers to grow.
All the best.
Keep in touch.
Your friend always.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Lola, I've got your hot sauce recipes, vinegar recipes; and I'm certified by the county extention as a master canner. Whoopie !!!

I'm not able to garden this year, but I do plan to can; as I freeze and dry year round.

making ice cream tomorrow.

Lola said...

@ Lin - The garden proper, not so much, but the Sunflowers have shot up another foot.

@ John - Hay keeps the weeds at bay and holds the moisture in.

@ littlepurpleroom - A seed swap sides great. The fence is doing an excellent job so far. Well worth the money spent.

@ Michelle - Thank you!

@ RE Ausekmt - That's awesome. Will you share your recipes?

Kim said...

Do you have a feed store in your area? That's where we get our hay from.