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Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Weekend Garden 06/13/09

I just posted the photos from last week, so go check out Weekend Garden 06/06/09. (Looks kind of hillbilly right now, but once we get more mulch we can cover the landscape fabric and it will look better.)

Our Sunflowers we started from seeds are going like gangbusters and almost a foot tall.
The other seeds we started = fail. My initial thoughts about the Self Watering Greenhouses proved to be correct. The tiny peat pots with some sort of mesh covering proved too small and hindered root growth. All we got were short spindle like plants that could not even stand on their own. The San Marzano Plum Tomatoes looked like single blades of grass 4 inches high with a couple of tiny leaves. Very disappointing. We dumped the rejects into the compost bin. I hate to tell Anastasia "I told you so", but she doesn't read this blog, so I can type it here. I told you so. Hehehehe! Sorry hon! Next year we will go with my original plan which was to go with the newspaper pots that I rolled. I used them last year to start seeds and they were very successful.

We admitted defeat and headed out to a garden center today. Hoorah for us! They are closing up for the season (just a little roadside stand really) and everything was clearance priced. Clearance is my middle name, in case you were wondering. All their plants were very healthy and were $9 per flat. Vegetable plants and flowering plants, mix or match. Normally they go for at least $3 per 4 plant cube. Since there are 12 per flat that would have been $36. A savings of $27 per flat. Woo hoo! We bought 3 flats. We bought several varieties of tomatoes, peppers; cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini and tomatillos.
That is the statue we purchased last week after the farmer's market. Anastasia has been wanting one of those since we moved to the burbs.

Lola's Victory Garden


Stephany said...

Hey Lola! I love that statue. I post periodic posts of my flowers and it's tagged under the label "today in my garden", it's a great diversion for me, I have just started to take a look at your victory garden blog, it looks great!

I am Harriet said...

Very cool!
Thanks for the reminder too.
Wait! Where is the white flag with the giant blue W? hhmmm

Lin said...

Is she saying a prayer that these won't die too??! ;)