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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Slow But Sure

We're starting to get some tomatoes in. A few cherry tomatoes here, a few there. I can't manage a photo because they end up getting gobbled up almost immediately.

I've got several cucumbers about 4 inches long, at least 1 zucchini slightly bigger than the cucumbers. I like zucchini to be about as big as my forearm before I pick them because I use them for Fried Zucchini or cooked with tomatoes. Either way, bigger is better. (For Zucchini!)

If I can get a helper Friday I need to put up my homemade net for the cucumbers and feed their stringers through to keep the veggies off the ground. It looks kind of like a soccer net made out of garden twine. It will do the trick nicely.

We've also got 1 head of cauliflower about ready for picking. Looks like some Aloo Gobi is in our future. The whole family loves any Indian food and Aloo Gobi is a favorite.

I hope to have some garden pictures up over the weekend.

We started our garden late. I imagine many of you may be up to your eyeballs in tomatoes and zucchini.

Let us know how your garden is growing!

Lola's Victory Garden


Grampy said...

Looking forward to some garden pictures.

Lin said...

It hasn't been hot enough for the tomatoes to turn red. Maybe with this weekend's heat, they may start. So far, we've only had one or two.

Rajesh Kumar.Chekuri said...

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john said...

cant wait to see some pics. I cant imagine what my garden is goingg to look like when we get back. its been a pretty tough summer for my garden. we actually are sharing it with a rabbit. she seems to enjoy the garden as much as we do. if she wasnt so darn cute....

Staci said...

How big is your forearm? The zucchinis you get at the grocery store are never that big. Maybe I need to shop in your back yard.

I'm jealous though. You can't grow very much in clay. I'd have to try it in pots, and I always seem to end up with root rot or forget to water something when it's in a pot.

Now I'm suddenly craving salad. :)

Rumpleteazer said...

Picked first tomato today. Only a couple of zucchinis so far - we call them courgettes here in the UK.