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Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Is Victory Gardening All About?

I think our older generation is more familiar with the term "Victory Garden". Most people think the term originated during WWI when food shortages were common. Civic leaders wanting to cultivate patriotism and prepare the country for hard times promoted the idea of planting your own garden. The term actually dates back to the 1600’s and is from a book, "Victory Garden" by Richard Gardner.

Sometimes I think times couldn’t be tougher than today, but then I wasn't around for those food shortages. People are losing their homes left and right. Tent communities are springing up in some areas. People’s cupboards and refrigerators are bare.

The Victory Garden concept is one whose time has come again. You don’t need a large plot of land for your garden. My very first garden was on the porch of my apartment back in 1989. I attached long planter boxes to the railing and planted herbs, beans, peas and peppers. I purchased several large planter boxes and tomato cages and grew my own tomatoes.

You can start your own plants from seeds, or purchase seedlings from your local garden center. Starting your own plants is easy and inexpensive. I’ve got an upcoming post on how to create your own biodegradable newspaper pots. It couldn’t be easier and cheaper. Start saving your newspapers now. All you need is newspapers, seed starting mix, trays and an inexpensive florescent shop light. You don’t need to buy expensive grow lights. Regular florescent lights work just fine.

Even if you think it may be a little late to get started, it’s really never too late. Last year I got a very late start and still had a bountiful garden. I had plenty to share.

Last year I used cinder blocks to partition off an area for my garden. This year I will be expanding my garden to include even more vegetables, many of which I plan on canning. I'm even going to try my hand at upside down gardening.

I began canning last year. My first efforts were strawberry jam, blueberry jam, blueberry rhubarb jam, raspberry jam and blackberry jam. Then I branched out to pickled items, bread and butter zucchini pickles, pickled asparagus, pickled green tomatoes and pickled okra. I also canned asparagus, tomato sauce and tomatillo salsa. I even canned meatloaf. Yes you can! And it’s good too!

Welcome to my Victory Garden.

Lola's Victory Garden


Jen said...

You are starting another blog? Wow! This is a great topic. I'm thinking about planning my garden now too.

Anonymous said...

Yay, gardening! I took an unplanned break from gardening last summer due to poor health, but I've already started the layout for mine this year. This weekend, the boys and I will be building the raised planter beds so that I can work on the garden without kneeling or stooping (too painful for me these days). I'm adding this blog of yours to my faves too!